maWatermarker 3

macOS 10.12 and higher

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How to add a cool watermark or pattern on your photos?
cool watermark example

A piece of cake for maWatermarker 3

maWatermarker is much more than a great watermark application for macOS.

Why should you choose maWatermarker?

Protect your photos with beautiful and subtle watermarks and drive more traffic to your website, webshop, blog, instagram post, facebook page...!

maWatermarker has extended functionality, but is still easy to use. maWatermarker let you add creative and subtle watermarks but you can also use maWatermarker to apply creative special effects.

You can protect your photos by adding a watermark image, your logo for example, but also by adding a pattern image. maWatermarker comes with more than 40 FREE pattern images.       

One of maWatermarker's strengths is the option to add watermarks in batch mode.
For this, the size of the image watermark can be set according to the pixel size of the image on which it is to be placed, and the position can also be set perfectly relative.
Regardless of the size of the photo, whether it is straight or horizontal, the watermark will always be placed on the same relative position!

maWatermarker supports text (multi line) watermarks as well as image watermarks, one by one or in batch mode.
Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, TIFF.

You can store your watermark preferences in presets: quick access for later use.

You can store your watermarks, pattern images and c-actions on a central place, managed by maWatermarker, once again for quick access.

How to watermark photos on macOS with maWatermarker 3?

Major upgrade.
New functionality, optimised code, improved GUI, a little taste:

Why should you add a watermark?

Reasons why you should not add a watermark?

Why should you use maWatermarker?

Watermark features

Relative positioning

Customize watermark

Apply watermark filters

Save watermark presets

Need help on adding a watermark?

Check out our documentation page!