1. Features
  2. How it works

1. Features

- Support for responsive designed grids

- Numerous adjustable html properties also on the lightbox functionality

- Resize, crop, frame photos

- Apply rounded corners to your photos to make them even circular

- Store pictures as JPG, PNG or GIF

- Store your own settings in presets

2. How it works:

Basic creation:

1. Choose a template ('Model')

2. Choose the location ('Destination') where you want to store the files

3. Choose the images

A few seconds later... the pages are created and ready to use.

More advanced:

You can fine tune the creation of the gallery or slideshow
by adjusting some properties, such as:
font size, font type, image size, colors, shown meta data etc...
before the 3rd step of choosing the images.

Of course advanced users can modify the created html and css files at their needs and can use maGalleryCreator as a first step in creating web galleries or slide shows.