1. Features
  2. Usage

1. Features

- Define relative position & size of watermark

- Insert dynamically: EXIF creation date, EXIF user comment, width, height

- Apply filters (Black and white, inverse, dot screen, line screen, circular screen) on watermark image

- Apply fade out transition on watermark image

- Apply image watermark as a pattern ("pattern" checkbox under "Filter" tab)

- X/Y offset

- Rotation angle

- Opacity

- Shadow (color, X/Y offset, radius)

- Font (type, size, color, style, alignment, kerning, leading, underline, outline)

- Store the watermarked pictures as: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, JP2, BMP & GIF

2. Usage

- maWatermarker can be used as a light weight picture viewer, with slideshow functionality.

- Basic image manipulation, such as: rotate left/right; flip horizontal/vertical

- Save picture in browser as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, JP2, BMP & GIF

- Store your settings in presets for later use

- Simulation mode: life simulation of your properties adjustments