piQtility 7.5

The picture utility
macOS 10.11 and higher

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piQtility is in particular a photo management tool for all people involved in preparing web content, catalogs, product brochures, etc.

piQtility for photos, the built-in 'Photos editing extension', makes it even more user-friendly to apply image frames, color tones, rounded corners, customizable filters ... Extremely handy if you also use Photos to make albums, calendars, posters etc.

With piQtility you can easily manage photos, for example: creating a watermark, adjusting the size, sorting, adding subtle effects such as rounded corners, color layers, transparent frames. In addition: to apply photo filters, convert images to one of the most common file types or to rename files and all of this from a user-oriented interface. If you keep your pictures in Apple Photos you can batch upload them and add immediately some significant meta data to them.

You can apply all this one by one as you browse through your photos, but the main strength of piQtility is to apply it batchwise! Settings can be stored in presets, which makes it very easy to reuse your settings later. Particularly useful if you need to add new photos to your product catalog, or your webshop, and you want to keep the same look and feel of the already present pictures.

An impression on some features of 'piQtility' and 'piQtility for photos'.

piQtility for photos,
work from within Apple's Photos®

piQtility for photos,
work from within Apple's Photos®

piQtility for photos,
work from within Apple's Photos®

Unique photo filters:
Dotty (type 1)

Unique photo filters:
Dot Screen

Unique photo filters:
Line Screen

Batch upload to photos®
add meta data in one run.

Add tint with duo tone effect
allows to be applied in batch mode.

Framing with relative sizes
allows to be applied in batch mode.

Look at the Instagram® tip below.

Look at the "picture-in-a-picture" tip below.

Instagram filters.

woman by Guillaume Bolduc


"A comprehensive photo managing tool to get your pictures organized just the way you want them. The app gives you a full set of editing and filtering tools, and makes quick work of manipulating large batches of files using a streamlined workflow... exporting your final work to Photos apps-or even creating your very own web gallery—is as simple as clicking your mouse."

- macworld.com

"A smooth-running and easy-to-use Mac OS X application that provides all the tools and features you might need to manage and organize your photo library."

- softpedia.com

"One of the apps everybody needs some time: convert pics into different formats, add a filter or a watermark etc. Works great for me with Sierra. And the devs are always responsive. "

- macupdate.com

"Here’s the craziest name ever for a Mac app that does more than expected and at a very odd price."

- mcsolo.com

"Full-featured photo editing software on the Mac platform, piQtility makes it easy to add watermarks to your images, preview, resize, sort, apply photo filters;..."

- sogou.com

"The piQtility program is an advanced photo management tool for everyone involved in the preparation of web content, catalogs, product brochures, etc.
piQtility is a great way to manage our photos on Mac® family computers."

- komputerswiat.pl

Who needs piQtility?

Tips 'n tricks:

Download Instagram® tip
Download picture-in-a-picture
Download Circular screen
Download Patterns
Download piQtility for photos® extension
Download Batch upload to Photos®
Download an example of photo filter and watermark effect.

Some features

Photos editing extension

Watermark pictures

Create web galleries

Organize files

Rename files

Archive files

Save presets

Edit pictures

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