1. File management
  2. Edit photo
  3. Export HTML
  4. piQtility for Photos®
  5. Upgrade options
  6. For the Adobe InDesign user

1. File management

How to simulate/preview your file rename settings

How to create and use C-Actions

How to add meta data such as EXIF user comment, IPTC Creator, IPTC Copyright etc.

How to generate QR codes

2. Edit photo

How you could play with the 'add frame' function

How to apply filters

3. Export HTML

Create responsive HTML photo galleries: It just takes a few seconds to create such pages, based on predefined templates and perfectly adjustable to your needs, if you are a more experienced html user. Even after creation of those pages, you can fully edit them in a html editor of your choice.

4. piQtility for Photos®

piQtility contains an Apple Photos® extension, called: piQtility for Photos.
From within Apple Photos® you have access to piQtility for photos, and functions as:
- Framing
- Add Tint
- Rounded corners
- Filters

5. Inter application integration

6. For the Adobe InDesign® user

Did you know you can call piQtility directly as image editor from a selected image on your page?

1. 'Ctrl + click' the photo on your InDesign page
2. a contextual menu appears
3. select: 'Edit With'
4. select: 'piQtility 9'
5. the photo will open directly in piQtility
6. edit and save the photo in piQtility
7. changes are directly visible in your InDesing layout.