1. Demo
  2. C-Action
  3. What's new?

1. Demo

Distribute files

  1. Choose the watch folder.
  2. Add the drop folder(s) or remove a drop folder.
  3. Define the number of files that may be dropped in each drop folder.
    Define the maximum number of files that will be dropped in the drop folders. Starting from the first folder in row, the folders will be filled up. If you only work with 1 drop folder and you do not want to define a max. number of files, just enter a very high number.
  4. Define a file filter, based on file extension
    Define which files that must be handled, based on file extension.
    - Enter file extension without "."
    - Enter multiple file extensions, seperated by a ","
    - Enter "*" if you like to handle all files and folders
  5. Define a file filter, based on file name
    Define which files that must be handled, based on file name.
    - Enter part of the file name
    - Define whether it has to start with/contains/end with
    Both file filters can be used separately or combined. If you don't want to use a file filters, let text field "5" and/or "6" empty.
  6. Add a C-Action or remove a C-Action.
  7. Run at launch option.
Click Here For The Tutorial

2. C-Action

How to create a c-action?

You can create a c-action using maFileRenamer or piQtility.
  1. Install maFileRenamer or piQtility on the system where you run Centurion.
  2. Configure your renaming options.
  3. Click the button with the Centurion logo on it to export a C-Action file.

What can you do with C-Actions?

  • - You can rename files, using options as: strip, replace, prefix and postfix.
  • - Import C-Actions in Centurion, and load the C-Actions in the order you like to execute them.
  • - Import C-Actions as much as you want if you need to repeat the action multiple times.
This makes Centurion an unique and extremely powerful file mover/file renamer!
Click Here For The Tutorial

3. What's new?

version 1.4.2

Full support on c-actions generated by maFileRenamer 1.4.0 and higher.